Who We Are

Innoval comes from the synergy of over twenty years experience acquired by its Technical and Operational Staff about “Automotive” electronic systems for industrial mobile machines.
Innoval supports the customers in all the phases of the “automotive automation” activities of an industrial mobile machine.
The Innoval applications satisfy both typical industrial automation issues (reliability, security, fast response, simple human machine interaction …) and those typical of the automotive world (extended range of operating temperatures, high vibration resistance, compactness, resistance to shock, isolation from electromagnetic interferences and dust). Research and development is one of the pillars of the Innoval ‘s strength in its target market. The wide design skills and their large investments in R&D ensure that the Innoval’s products are technologically and economically very competitive with the most qualified national and international competitors.
Innoval is ISO 9001: 2015 certified for Quality Management Systems.
Innoval company is accredited by the Ministry of Transport for the automotive products design and manufacture.
The Innoval systems, in addition to the machine control, satisfisy all the different needs of mobile media connection to the outside world: remote monitoring, remote assistance, fleet management, etc.
Innoval, thanks to its technical experience, is able to design custom devices to meet specific requirements
Innoval is able to offer an extraordinary maintenance service on a wide range of old machines for which original spare parts are too expensive or unavailable.
The Innoval products meet the typical standards of the “automotive industry” such as:
• IEC 61508 (Functional Safety)
• PL-d (Performance Level) ISO EN 13849 (SIL-3)
• AUTOMOTIVE 72/245 / EEC as last amended by Directive 2009/19 / EC
• UN ECE Regulation No. 10 – Rev.5 (Electromagnetic compatibility)

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